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Friday, 12 September 2008

I'm A Cubbie

I love sport. If you don't know me, then you've probably gathered that by now. I hope. I am passionate. I love sport, and I love the teams I follow. Galway hurlers. Galway footballers. Galway United. Manchester United. Connacht Rugby. Kansas City Chiefs. Anyone who dons an Irish singlet. I follow them all.

I like other sports though, but sometimes I do so without following a team. I love the sport. I watch baseball, college sports in the US and can enjoy them without the manic obsession of devoting myself to one team. Tonight... I became a Cubbie.

I watched this film and, honestly, I cried. More than once. It is a piece of art - a stunning 90 seconds of video. It is the testimony of ten people, ten life-long Chicago Cubs fans. They range from 7 to 100 and all share one thing - they've never seen their side win the World Series. They are living through anguish - anguish known by Chiefs fans, by Connacht followers, by Galway United fans, by those of us who follow a side for reasons beyond the scoreboard. I empathise with these people - with Helen Kieling who has followed the Cubs for all of her life, and still hopes that she will experience the win some day, though she has all but lost her sight and hearing.

Sport gives hope. It gives pain and anguish, and pure joy. I love it. It gives me life. Watch this video - you'll understand.

Go Cubs.

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  1. It's all about the Twins! We were at a game over in the states- it was unreal! Fuck the White Sox! BOOOOO!!!