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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Eh...'Cum' Again?

A real quote from the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, spoken by a cross-country skier from Norway who, it seems, was a little self-critical following a poor leg in one of the relays yesterday.

Again, this IS real.

My name is Odd-Bjoern Hjelmeset. I skied the second lap and I f----- up today. I think I have seen too much porn in the last 14 days. I have the room next to Petter Northhug and every day there is noise in there. So I think that is the reason I f----- up. By the way, Tiger Woods is a really good man.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Bobsleigh Beats Henry

Good news.

Irish sport has avoided a “catastrophe.” Seriously. That’s the assessment tonight of the esteemed President of our Olympic Council Pat Hickey.

Ireland are sending a small team to the Winter Olympics, which get underway this weekend, and among our contingent are our first female bobsleighers, Aoife Hoey and Claire Bergin. Their place was under threat as the Australian team argued that they should be entered into the competition instead of them as they were the finest sledders in Oceania (which is, I imagine, akin to being a tall midget) and brought a case to CAS, or the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

Thankfully for all involved the case has been decided and now both teams will compete. Crisis averted, common sense prevails. Mainly.

Here’s Hickey’s quote in full:

"It would be outrageous if those girls were stripped of their accreditation and sent back home to Ireland...(all ok so far)...We're already suffering from the football situation of Thierry Henry scoring a goal with his hand and eliminating us from the World Cup finals....(true but what has that got to do with this?)...if something like this happened it would be a catastrophe altogether."

For Pat’s sake, I hope that was said with his tongue firmly in his cheek.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Keith Woods Talks Back

It's a very lazy blog post today I'm afraid. I really just wanna direct you to a Keith Woods opinion I found on BCC today. Clink on his name above for an insight into Irelands chances in the 6 Nations this year from the viewpoint of former captain Keith Wood and how he sees this years 6 Nations going for us. Lets face it he was captain for a long time and he knows his stuff. I for one value his opinion so read it and see what you think.

Just a gentle reminder while I'm here. The 6 Nations starts this Saturday and we've set up a Fantasy Rugby League here at the Almost Daily Sports Blog. Like any good league we need teams to join in with us. You'll need the PIN number to join which is 6320. All you need to do is choose your players for your team and join the league using the above pin. There's an option there to introduce yourself to us so feel free to use it, we'd love to see who we're up against! I like knowing who's ass I've gotta kick other than Gavin's of course! There is a prize as I mentioned yesterday so come and show off your rugby knowledge and beat us all!

Monday, 1 February 2010

Fantasy 6 Nations

It's that time of year again! But then again you know that cause you read my post from earlier on today. Of course you did.....right? Anyway here at the Almost Daily Sports Blog we are a big fan of sports (obviously!) and we love our fantasy teams. But you know that from Gavin's Fantasy Premier League. But now it's my turn to set up a league and what better sport to have a fantasy league in than my beloved rugby?? Go the link below register a team. Go on you know you wanna.....

Now that you have the rules read and you know the L'Oreal prizes it's time to join OUR league. You need a pin number for this which I've very kindly added in here for you.

PIN: 6320

Now come join me, Gavin and the rest of the Almost Daily Sports Blog team (when they get sorted for the league) to win a great Sports Blog prize and watch Ireland with us. You know you want to........

The more the merrier y'all!

RBS 6 Nations 2010

Have a sneaky peak at our fixtures list for the 6 Nations this year.....we can't wait for it to Start!!!
6 Feb 2010Ireland14:30ItalyCroke Park
6 Feb 2010England17:00WalesTwickenham
7 Feb 2010Scotland13:00FranceMurrayfield
13 Feb 2010Wales14:00ScotlandMillennium Stadium
13 Feb 2010France17:30IrelandStade de France
14 Feb 2010Italy15:30EnglandStade Flamino
26 Feb 2010Wales20:00FranceMillennium Stadium
27 Feb 2010Italy14:30ScotlandStade Flamino
27 Feb 2010England16:00IrelandTwickenham
13 Mar 2010Ireland14:30WalesCroke Park
13 Mar 2010Scotland17:00EnglandMurrayfield
14 Mar 2010France15:30ItalyStade de France
20 Mar 2010Wales14:30ItalyMillennium Stadium
20 Mar 2010Ireland17:00ScotlandCroke Park
20 Mar 2010France20:45EnglandStade de France
All the Ireland matches have been highlighted for your pleasure and ease.
We start off this weekend in Croke Park for a fabulous start to our 6 Nations hopes and dreams. Paul O Connell was seen on the Late Late Show last Friday night and has been quoted as saying this year won't be easy. Not that we think last years Grand Slam win was easy Paul..Ireland will play France and England away this year, with home games against Italy, Wales and Scotland. O'Connell expects that schedule to make a repeat Grand Slam a very difficult proposition.He said:'It's a very tough year for us this year with England and France away. Grand Slam expectations have probably been dampened by that fixture list. But we have a great chance in the Championship and we'll give it a good run again.' We know you will Paul! The big question now is will Rory Best and Marcus Horan be ready for Italy on Saturday? Best has been out of action for almost a year with a neck injury and Horan has been out since early December with a minor heart issue. Can we expect them to play on Saturday? 'It's very important for Irish rugby that both Rory and Marcus are available for Declan Kidney and the upcoming Six Nations. They are not quite there yet and may not be considered for the Italy game next Saturday. But there are four mighty games after that and the more games they get, the better.' We'll cross our fingers for Saturday and all want to see them back on form for this years 6 Nations. Bring it on boys!