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Monday, 1 February 2010

Fantasy 6 Nations

It's that time of year again! But then again you know that cause you read my post from earlier on today. Of course you did.....right? Anyway here at the Almost Daily Sports Blog we are a big fan of sports (obviously!) and we love our fantasy teams. But you know that from Gavin's Fantasy Premier League. But now it's my turn to set up a league and what better sport to have a fantasy league in than my beloved rugby?? Go the link below register a team. Go on you know you wanna.....

Now that you have the rules read and you know the L'Oreal prizes it's time to join OUR league. You need a pin number for this which I've very kindly added in here for you.

PIN: 6320

Now come join me, Gavin and the rest of the Almost Daily Sports Blog team (when they get sorted for the league) to win a great Sports Blog prize and watch Ireland with us. You know you want to........

The more the merrier y'all!


  1. booooo!

    join this one http://testrugby.com/6nat10/situation.asp
    instead!! way better!


  2. you still Joined in Rob!! Glad to see it :)I'll take a peek at the link!

  3. i caved.... it's that time of the year again - i sit in work waiting for the squads to be announced, then the teams, then i email loads of people about the selections.
    im so unproductive i'd be better off at home :)


  4. At least you caved to a good cause! Now all I have to do is your ass!