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Monday, 9 February 2009


I think the above headline sums up the state of this blog, and for that I am sorry. The lives we lead, as I'm sure you can appreciate, gets in the way of the lives we would like to lead.

I have a request for you all which I will place at the end of this post, but first, some quick thoughts.

  • The Kaka deal never happened. In my last post I thought it would, and it oh-so-nearly did. Though for my money the captures of Bellamy (though I hate to admit it) and Shay Given will go a lot further towards saving City's season than a recession busting Brazilian ever would. They should stay up. I'm sorry too. Yet mark my words - a club with the limited size and recognition of City not only got in the door of AC Milan but also intrigued Kaka enough to consider the move. The money is there but more importantly it's being made available. They are a coming force.

  • It wasn't a bad Superbowl...to say the least. The Steelers were deserving champions, more so than the 9-7 Cards would have been, though that's not to dismiss the efforts of Arizona. It was a great game because of their late rally, and THAT late touchdown from Santonio Holmes. Stunning catch, circumstances considered. My pocket sure liked it! Yet, I can't help but feel that the Cardinals could have won the game. Why not throw a fade route to Larry Fitzgerald late in the first-half, rather then the bullet which result in a pick-six for James Harrison? Speaking of Larry Fitzgerald, why is the game's most dangerous player left with only one catch after the game's first 48 minutes. Not good enough Arizona. I blame their coaches, though one of those has left. Todd Haley is now Head Coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. My Kansas City Chiefs. As offensive co-ordinator, those offensive mishaps woud have been his calls. I really hope he's learned his lesson.

  • So A-Rod took 'Roids after all. Big news. BIG news. Baseball didn't need that, it's fans did. Will he now be seen as another Bonds or McGwire? I don't know. I don't think so, but the next few months will be very telling. The positive came in survey testing, so there'll be no ban. Yet this survey testing was carried out under the confition of anonymity, something I'd expect Scott Boras to remind us of ad nauseum in the coming days. Bullshit. A cheat's a cheat and deserves to be exposed as such. I just hope that A-Rod reacts like another drug-taker did last week...

  • ...mind you, pot is not steroids. Michael Phelps' image ma have been tarnished, but he'll recover. NBC will forgive him or else there'll be no reason to show the World Champinoships in Rome this year. He's still big business. When I saw the now infamous picture, I was reminded of his Olympian diet. Turns out he only had the munchies after all... By the way, News Of The World... A scandal about an American sports star should never be released on Super Bowl Sunday. Sports Illustrated waited until this week to reveal the A-Rod news for a reason.

  • NASCAR's back. All is right with the world. Boogity indeed.

  • What a game of rugby yesterday! Don't say it, but it could be Ireland's year. I said don't say it! Speaking of which, I had the privelege of watching yesterday's game in the company of my recently acquired girlfriend. She's not bad, you know. Yet, she's not a sports fan, and that's something I'm trying to fix. She enjoyed yesterday because Ireland were playing, and since she's from Cork I've warned her of trips to Turner's Cross this year. But I want her to get imore nterested! She'll never reach my level, but I want her to. She's (thankfully) willing to try things so, come on folks... Any advice????

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  1. brave effort to corrupt the girl...however if she really is willing to make the effort go for it, she cant be all bad. Can she cook?