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Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Richard Dunne Good

I’m not going to blog about Brett Favre today, despite his heroics against the Packers last night. Sure, Brett played very well but he played quite well with the Jets last year. I still expect him to flop before the end of the season, as he also did with the Jets last year. Many may have Favre fever but not this hack. Not yet.


Instead I’m going to compliment Richard Dunne for his modesty in Aston Villa’s clash with Manchester City last night. The Irishman opened the scoring in the sides’ 1-1 draw with a juicy header. Why juicy? Well, it was against his old club in his first clash against them since he was unceremoniously booted out at the end of the last transfer window. It was also juicy because he out-jumped Gareth Barry, who himself was playing his first game at Villa Park since he left for the Middle Eastlands. It was the stuff that only fate itself could give us.

Despite the poetic irony of the moment, Dunne handled himself with grace and class that I know many wouldn’t have. Look at his reaction to the goal below. His decorum and decency are not unexpected, but nonetheless they do deserve to be commended.


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