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Saturday, 7 November 2009

Women's Soccer Catfight

This story has been all over the sports news here in the US for the last two days.
Now, I know that there are dirty players back home, but even Vinnie Jones would be proud of this girl!
New Mexico were playing BYU in the Mountain West Conference Semi-Final, which BYU ended up winning 1-0. But nobody will really care about the score thanks to New Mexico defender, Elizabeth Lambert. Enjoy your 15 minutes Liz!


Needless to say, she's been suspended indefinitely by the University of New Mexico.

They say women's soccer is popular over here. I've watched a couple of Division 1 college matches, and..... well, trying to describe how awful they are without using profanity wouldn't really be doing it justice. It really is a chore to watch, so this is pretty much the only way they're going to get on television. More power to them!


  1. Hey, is the video link working ok? I know some YouTube clips don't work outside the US, but there's no way for me to check from here.

  2. Working like a charm. Wow, I just saw the video of her pulling the ponytail. Had no idea she was throwing cheap shots during the entire game. Like your blog.