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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Fantasy Premier League Results wk1

A wee reminder!
It's premier league season again and I've had a quick look at the table as it stands in the fantasy league.
Congrats to Paul McDonagh who started off in flying colours with 73 points, followed closely by moi with 68. Our own Gavin is currently sitting in 5th place. If you wanna join in the madness again this year the link to the website is here and the code you need to join is: 725971-165763 and off you go!
We'd love to see you and hear all your opinions...HINT HINT
We're also looking for the goal of the month each month, Gavin has already chosen his. Which one is yours so far? Who scored it, have you a youtube clip? We'd love to see if anyone out there agrees with our own Mr Grace! It would be a first if anyone did :)


  1. Thanks, hopefully i get to stay on top for a little while longer..

    Goal of the month already? well my fav goal so far is from Wolves-David Jones

  2. You know Gav, he'll have it picked within seconds of seeing it! No idea how or what or even what criteria he uses but he does it!
    Don't worry I'll kick your ass next week!