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Thursday, 7 May 2009

I have a cunning plan....

1:16 a.m. is always the best time for brainwaves... I’ve found. Well, I’ve found that just now. So it’s simple. I’m going to revamp this blog and make it meaningful. There is a niche and a void for a well-written, funny, articulate sports blog based in Ireland. I want this blog to fill that void. I have ideas but I’m open to more. The first and main one is I want new writers to comment (mainly) on sport and to drive visitors to the site. I won’t pay you – I can’t. But if you’re looking for something to do with your time now that the economy is gone down the shitter then this is it. The Almost Daily Sports Blog is set for a post-exam overhaul. Trust me, this bland space you see before you will take off in the near future. I guarantee it. Join me for the ride.

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  1. That sounds dirty. I can contribute although im very lazy and procrastinate and only really like/know a little about the GAA. I can supply my stereotypical female view... who's the best looking on the Tyrone team, a comment on the hang sangwiches tradition, enthusing 'give us a few years and we (Roscommon) will be in the all-ireland final.... and so on and so forth.