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Thursday, 7 May 2009

Merci Dider

Three valid penalty claims turned down + a last minute goal from Iniesta + a rightly stubborn ref who refuses to bow from pressure exerted by Chelsea players + capitulating in front of your own fans + more Champions League failure = An angry Didier Drogba

You know what Dider, three things tonight were disgraceful:

The fact that SKY replayed you cursing into the camera. That was funny but it was a disgraceful mistake.

The lack of respect for the referee from the Chelsea players and staff who surrounded him both before and after the final whistle. Panalties weren't given that should have been, sure, but Michael Ballack deserves a long, long ban for what he did, as do you.

And, thirdly, Didier, perhaps most disgraceful of all was you calling anyone a disgrace. If your reputation precedes you and you don't get penalties when you go down in the area, don't be surprised. You only have yourself to blame.


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