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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Shove up in the bed!

In a move that has been championed by many a rugby commentator and ex-player alike. The Argentinian Rugby team have been officially sanctioned to join the Tri-Nations where they will lock horns with current World Cup holders South Africa, New Zealand and Austrailia.

There are of course some key milestones to be agreed upon with SANZAR before they kick a ball in 2012. Most notably the commitment to get all the Argentine players available for the "Four Nations". This will be no small feat on its own - considering 16 of the current 30 on the squad play their club rugby in France, whose domestic season is one of the most gruelling and lengthy.

I believe we will see a large proportion of these players transfer to Super 14/15 clubs in the coming season or two.

No matter how it works itself out, it's a great decision for International Rugby as a whole and will add some extra bite to the Southern Hemisphere season.

One point to note, the Pumas are reknowned for their fiery and fierce pack play and quality scrummaging prowess. They will certainly put up a fight to the ever dominating Springboks, but how will the Wallabies feel when they are being mauled from one end of the pitch to another. The Aussies tried to have scrummaging and mauling taken out of Union already under the guise of "losing spectators interest", when really they were failing to produce quality front five players.

It might not be until 2012, but the Pumas joining the Tri-Nations will liven up the Southern Hemisphere's rugby calendar.


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