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Friday, 12 June 2009

Limerick FC In Trouble?

Forget the moany Portugese poser, the real footballing story could be that Limerick FC seem to be in some bit of financial bother. Now, any eejit with half-an-idea about what is going on with the Super Blues is very aware that things aren't rosey, as the club themselves admitted just in the last month that a major fundraiser and a move back to the Market's Field are needed for the club's survival.

However, an article from the print edition of today's Irish Times by Emmett Malone has sent off some shockwaves on the Limerick Forum of Foot.ie, while in Malone's FAI Ford Cup preview (where he still refers to Limerick as "37"), he alludes to these financial problems.

All-in-all, this news/rumour couldn't come at a worse time; tonight the blues are in action in a cup glamour tie against St Pat's at Jackman Park that'll surely bring a few punters through the gates. But, will it be a case of too little, too late. Hopefully not...


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