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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Wimbledon... Again

A couple of quick points on the tennis.

Andy Murray's match last night was fantastic. I don't think I've ever seen Wimbledon look as well as it did under the lights. The crowd got into it and both Murray and Warwrinka gave them a five-setter to remember. Murray now takes on Juan Carlos Ferrero in the quarter-finals and it's a matchup I don't like for Murray. Ferrero was impressive against Gilles Simon yesterday and it was Warwrinka's punishing ground strokes that hurt Murray, something that Ferrero is well able to provide. Murray should still win, but not as smoothly as I thought yesterday.

And the women's semi's today... jeesh. Will someone do something?!!? As I type Serena has just begun her match against Radwanska so if this one turns out to be a classic, I apologise, but there hasn't been a memorable game of women's tennis at Wimbledon for, what... four years? The '05 Final? Someone fix it, somehow. Introduce a maximum arm-size maybe? This is ridiculous.


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