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Saturday, 18 July 2009

Bring Back Bunce

I'm just watching the boxing on ITV4 now. I heard a familiar voice interview McIntosh after his knockout defeat to the very impressive Nathan Cleverly in their British Title fight - the one and only, Andy Kerr.

It was nice to hear Kerr's voice on TV for the first time in a number of weeks. He's a man I came to like as he co-hosted Steve Bunce's Boxing Hour on the dearly departed Setanta Sports News. The Boxing Hour was one of the best sports magazine shows I've ever seen. Always jam-packed with guests, Buncey's show was lively and fun. It wasn't perfect, but it was the only place to go for an unbiased review/preview of boxing events.

After Setanta's collapse, the show is no more, but a campaign to revive it has begun. Supported by The Big Man himself, http://www.bringbackbunce.net has attracted attention from the boxing world and beyond. If you are a boxing fan then go there, sign the petition, and hopefully one day we'll see Bunce (and Andy Kerr) back on our screens.


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