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Monday, 31 May 2010

€400,000 Picture?

So says the age old adage a picture says a thousand words. The logo committee for the London 2012 Oylmpics are trying to tell us now that this picture tells us 400,000 words. I tend to disagree.
Look at it!! It's essentially a collection of shapes with badly drawn angles in a bad mix of two tone colours. What were they thinking? Now I'm no graphic designer nor am I a world famous artist BUT I know that a junior infant could have drawn this one! It's quite frankly rather rank. It's horrid and thankfully I'm not the only one to think so. The bad taste logo came under fire today from so many sources it's hard to know where to start. But I will say one thing....it's not by any means worth the €400,000 spent on it. In all fairness the senior infants I worked with last week could have designed a better logo than this one and I'd have gladly given it to the Logo Committee for a pair of tickets (admittedly to see one hell of a lot of events) for the art work. It would have been more cost effective and certainly would'a been a lot prettier and not quite as insulting to so many people.


  1. What an utter train wreck of a thing. I don't think this picture is worth a thousand words, you're right, let alone 400,000. I think it just says two words, really, and those words are "f******" and "awful". What an abidingly shameful waste of money and time. Deary me.

    Kind regards etc...


  2. There's a great facebook group saying it looks like Lisa and Bart Simpson... Well worth checking out for the comparision.

  3. Thanks tpe, I'm glad to see someone agrees with me! It took Gavin a while to realise that it is just like the facebook group says.....