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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

A Penny For 'Em...

I know that this blog isn't as going as well as it once was.  I relaunched it last year with the hope that it would be bigger than Elvis, and more important too.  And while I am proud of it, and while I think that some of the content on here is very, very good (not all of that written by me), I do realise that perhaps this never quite went as well as I'd hoped.

I still love it however.  This, in a way, is my sanctuary, my online speaking post.  I can come here to show you a video, or to rant, or to express an argument.  This blog gives me the outlet to do all of that and while I may not do it as often as I should, and while I would love for it to be read by more people, for that reason alone it is here to stay.

Not so long ago there was a prolonged silence here, and things haven't got back up and running properly since.  I have a new job, I'm far busier now than I was, but another reason for this is that I started to run out of motivation.  My love of sport didn't go, I just found it hard sometimes to write articles that I knew wouldn't get as large an audience as I would have liked, sometimes on topics I'd already covered.  I made a promise that I would blog all the time, but I couldn't even keep that.

On a number of occasions recently, I've had some interesting thoughts, some clever ones too, on topics not linked with sport.  I'm talking television, movies, politics, music.  However I've not been able to express them in a drawn out, calculated and erudite fashion because this is a sports only speaking post.  I don't want to start another blog - I barely write enough to maintain this one - but I am conscious of the fact that when a site says Almost Daily Sports Blog above it's online door, then you come to expect sport inside.

Once I've blogged about something that wasn't sport, and even then it was to show a picture, so my question to you now is this.  Would it matter if there were discussions here on topics other than sport?  Would you read my views on other issues?

I can just stick them in here as it is, or I could slightly re-model the site to indicate what it entails.  Rest assured, the likelihood is that the site would be primarily a sports based one - it will always be my passion.  But would you have any problem if Michael Schumacher was joined by, say, Michael Jackson, if fights in the boxing ring mixed with bouts in the Dáil but if it was all commented on with the same humour and questionable insight.

Let me know.  Comment below, vote in the poll.

What do you think of the proposed changes to the Almost Daily Sports Blog?
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