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Thursday, 6 August 2009

Altidore Heads To Hull

Not much made of this move today but I'm going to highlight it because I'm a fan of the player involved. Jozy Altidore has joined Hull on a season-long deal loan from Villarreal. Though ineffective in his time in Spain, Altidore is a promising player. He's scored seven goals from his 16 appearances with the American national team, not bad for a 19 year old.

Here he is against Spain in the Confederations Cup semi-final:

This is a great move for Hull because I believe he's a player with great potential. I think he could be a bargain at £6.5m at the end of the season. One to keep an eye out for, and maybe a potential fantasy football sleeper.


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  2. I'm really intrigued by Altidore. Normally you would never see an athlete this physically talented from the US play soccer. Most people with his ability would be playing baseball or American football. It'll be interesting to see how he develops.