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Thursday, 20 August 2009

Caster Semenya

This is Caster Semenya, the woman at the heart of a gender verification scandal at the World Championships in Berlin.

I don't think this is a Stella Walsh situation. Semenya, is not a cheat, at least according to a statement from the IAAF. This is more likely to do with genetics, and for it to be played out on such a public scale has to be tough for her.

What you all think?


  1. It's worrying. Not from a sports point of view (odd that, this being a sports blog). From a humanitarian point of view.
    She believes she is female - the South African Sports Association also do.
    She could well have female genitalia but also have the male chromosone.

    I read comments on ESPN's website where someone detailed how a genetic fault can prevent males from the effects of testosterone,so effectively you are a male but would not know as your body does not accept testosterone.

    Cases such as this must be really hard for someone to take mentally - a genetic problem that could would probably not be diagnosed if you led a normal out of the media spotlight life - are magnified and exposed for the world to see.
    For anyone, much worse an 18 year old - it has to be physcologically damaging.

  2. On a lighter note - did anyone else picture a load of doctors in white coats turning the athlete on her back and blowing on her bits to try and determine the sex, ala Chandler in friends with the chick?
    Just me then?....
    I'll get my coat.

  3. take a good look at most of the female elite rugby players; they look just like her - flat chests, well built and well muscled. it's called weight training, intensive training and diet (genes too)

  4. You can read more about intersex (hermaphroditism) here: