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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Brett's Back

Brett Favre is coming back to the NFL, and to the Minnesota Vikings. 21 days into his second retirement.

I couldn't be more annoyed at the man if I tried. For a man who's decisive in the pocket, even if he's not always made the right decisions, these off-the-field antics ruin everything. I blogged about Favre three weeks ago, when he retired, so this is a topic of which I've already spoken. Brett's second comeback makes him cringeworthy, laughable and pathetic.

"I didn't feel like physically I could play at a level that was acceptable" said Favre three weeks ago, speaking about his own decision to quit the sport. And now this. I'm glad that the only Vikings I support are of the University of Limerick variety.


Nabbed from our contributor Danny, here's a July 30th tweet from Stephen Colbert.

brett favre has announced he will finally retire from the nfl for good. can't wait to see him on the field this season


  1. Will he, won't he? He did - will he again? He will! Will he won't he? He Will - Will he won't he? He won't...no wait! He Will!!!

    That's the timeline as I see it.

    Turning an icon of the NFL into a running joke.

  2. You left out the next step Rob... "..Or will he?"

  3. The guy was by all means one of the best Quarterbacks of the "modern" era.
    His legacy in Green Bay speaks for itself.
    He played a so-so year with the Jets, the bad run down the stretch marred an ok year for him.

    But the constant off the field media frenzy following him has in my view tainted the Brett Favre I know. It's painful now to hear the newest storyline.

    I can only imagine how true hardcore NFL fans, or even Packers fans feel.